BAR Industries, Inc. is a family owned and run small business that invests in real estate.  The focus of BAR’s business practices is on developing and leasing our own property, not selling real estate or managing other owner’s properties.

Operating for over 40 years as a closely held family business in real property investments, we take to heart our business slogan of “Investing in our community, investing in our home”.  We are a small company with deep roots in the Salem community.  Three executives investing in properties in Salem and Keizer originally formed the business in 1970.  The name BAR was developed from the three men’s first name initials:  Bernard, Al and Ron.  The company was eventually fully purchased by Bernard “Bernie” Bednarz and has remained in the Bednarz family ever since.  We have particularly specialized in rehabilitating older properties into functional living, office, commercial and industrial spaces.

Warren Bednarz is the owner and president of BAR industries, Inc.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from Willamette University and an MBA from Willamette University as well.  He has worked on the family properties consistently since his boyhood and has a reputation to be able to “fix anything”.  His focus is to provide quality customer service for tenants and to enhance the community through his re-development of properties and volunteer services.  Warren, his wife, Linda, also a Willamette graduate, and their three children all work together to make BAR industries, Inc. a company that serves our tenants with respect, efficiency and responsiveness.

The corporate principle of BAR Industries, Inc. believes in investing in the community of Salem through volunteer support and sponsorships of various non-profit organizations.  These have included Rotary Club of Salem, Salem Multicultural Institute, Oregon Symphony Association in Salem, Salem Leadership Foundation, SEDCOR, Salem Chamber of Commerce, and Living Healthy education programs.  Warren is currently on the Salem City Council representing Ward 7.  In this way BAR Industries, Inc. is “Investing in our Community, Investing in Our Home” to make Salem a strong, healthy community.